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Sparkler is an award-winning insight and brand strategy consultancy.

Working with blue chip clients like Facebook, Amazon, EE and Mondelēz, we help build businesses for the digital age.

Our expertise lies in understanding the fast-changing interplay between consumers, digital media and brands; something we call '3D thinking'.

Consumer insight - both qualitative and quantitative - provides the platform for projects including business and brand development, brand positioning, communications strategy and creative development.

We are passionate, creative, bright and curious, and constantly innovating - finding new ways of engaging and involving consumers; harnessing the potential of emerging digital technologies, and using design via SparklerStudio to deploy and activate our work within organisations.


Brand Consultancy

Brand Audits

Taking a snapshot of a brand's performance is the foundation of a host of strategy and planning processes. In conducting Brand Audits, we can draw on a host of skills and tools that enable us to deliver a clear and useable perspective of how a brand is performing. These can include anything from simple desk research and qualitative research through to web analytics and our unique Brand Breakdown tool.

Brand Positioning and Architecture

The nature of brands has changed in the digital age and so how we develop brands and 'configure' them should follow suit. To this end, our Brand Positioning process is open and inclusive (to stakeholders and consumers, harnessing the latest technology) and seeks a brand purpose that acts as the touchstone for the Brand Positioning. We articulate this using our Brand Radar template, which in turn dictates how we approach brand architectures.

Brand Strategy and Development

Our approach here marries our sophisticated understanding of digital brands with classic brand thinking. And so brings together classic consumer segmentation and online brand exploration; digital co-creation with more traditional face-to-face qualitative methodologies; and a view of brands that understands them less in terms of messages and tone of voice, and more as relationships and sets of values.

New Product/Brand Development

Balancing the rational with the creative is a central to our culture and this comes to life when developing new products/brands. Here our approach blends traditional rigour with the need to open the process to mould-breaking creativity. Central to this are creative techniques which bring together clients and customers to create, develop and refine powerful ideas.

Brand Extension

Our approach to this deftly blends an understanding of the brand currently (via our Brand Breakdown tool and Brand Radar), the markets in which it could operate (via the analytical skills of our Brand Science team) and creative techniques that generate ideas to capitalise on the opportunities identified. Our approach concludes with research (both qual and quant) designed to evaluate, develop and refine the ideas with the most potential.

Brand Science

Quantitative Research and Consultancy

We specialise in using quantitative and innovative methodologies to find solutions for our clients' challenges. Through numbers and analysis, we understand our client's problems and find the necessary answers. We design bespoke research programmes that use advanced analytical techniques, creative approaches and methodologies that push the envelope. We go beyond the numbers and produce compelling and creative outputs by making data clear and beautiful.

Advanced Analytics Techniques

We're experts in turning data into actionable recommendations using a variety statistical techniques and tools, such as correlations, correspondence analysis, maximum differentiation (max diff), conjoint, factor analysis, and clustering. We work with leading statisticians to uncover new insights. We also create bespoke ‘what if' simulator tools that help optimise clients' products (or portfolios) and pricing schemes for effective product development and marketing plans.

Market/Consumer Segmentations

We help industry leaders connect and target their consumers with large scale segmentations. Bringing together the latest in science and art we create segmentations that underpin our client's entire business strategy. If a segmentation is to be actionable it needs not only a statistical process to drive it, but also a simple means of understanding what the segments are like as people. Working closely with Sparkler Studio we bring our segmentations to life for both internal and external audiences.


We break new ground with science-led innovation to develop methodologies that push the boundaries. Partnering with experts we fuse qualitative, quantitative and EEG research to get inside consumers' heads. We have conducted a ground-breaking study on the psychology of travel for TUI and a study for RAB on the effect of different media on people's moods. Follow the link below to read more about the RAB work: Media & the Mood of the Nation Study

Consumer Insights

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a cornerstone of the Sparkler offer. We have years of experience of methodologies from in-home depths and ethnographies through to large scale deliberative events, not to mention accompanied shops and online safaris. Beyond this, we are constantly exploring and experimenting with new ways of harnessing technology to give us better, richer, quicker qualitative insights.

Workshops and Co-creation

Creativity is in our blood, and to this end we have a host of techniques to help fire the imagination - whether in client workshops or consumer co-creation sessions. Crucially our approach appreciates the need to reconcile open-ness and ‘blue sky' thinking with clarity of purpose and a focus on what the idea needs to do, and what exactly needs to happen next.

Creative Development

Founded by two ex-advertising account planners, creative development research has always been one of our core strengths. Over time, we have developed an approach that enables us to accurately evaluate creative materials across a number of key dimensions. Not only that, but of course we have the necessary understanding of the creative world to successfully translate research findings into effective creative next steps.

Consumer Closeness

Increasingly client companies are keen to break down barriers with consumers – to no longer keep them at arms' length but to place them at the centre of their business and culture. In this quest, we have created everything from on-going programmes of consumer closeness through to one-off events that have given clients potent and productive access to consumers, that have made a lasting impression.


Longitudinal Online Panels

Long-term digital panels sit at the heart of the Digitudinal offer. At base, they offer an efficient way to answer a host of research needs with a robust sample – from quantitative surveys, polls and qualitative functionality. At their best, they also give us the ability to build up knowledge over time, allowing us to profile, segment and track attitudes and reported behaviours… immersing stakeholders into the world of the consumer.

Shorter-term Online Communities

We create dynamic and engaging online qualitative communities for our clients on an ad-hoc basis via our SparkStream platform. Engaging respondents online - from a few days to a few months - means we can explore territories, test concepts and collect multi-media feedback in a cost and time-efficient way. Creativity is at the core of our approach, and we employ a wide range of task types, ensuring the richest feedback to inform next steps.

Innovative Digital Research Techniques

We keep our finger on the pulse of the digital world, and use a range of innovative methodologies to bring fresh insights to our work. These currently include Screencast (a real-time look at what’s happening on the computer screen), Sparkboard (interactive prioritisation of stimulus) and mobile feedback – to name just a few. Whether leveraged for pre-tasks or full research phases, we constantly seek creative digital techniques to maximise insights.


Bringing segments to life

We believe that segmentations need to live and breathe inside organisations in order to reach their full potential – and that visualising them in engaging ways is one of the most effective ways of achieving this. As a result, we create bespoke visuals that bring vibrancy to the segments and help them to gain traction with internal audiences.


Making data not only beautiful - but actionable - is at the core of what we believe in. SparklerStudio are experts in creating engaging visuals that help the important stories achieve maximum cut-through in our clients’ organisations.

Internal communications

We believe that the principles of effective external comms can – and should - be applied equally to internal comms. As such, we create engaging and focussed internal campaigns to ensure that key insights are effectively communicated within your organisation. Check out the link below for some examples

Industry-facing collateral

We are experts in producing top quality industry-facing presentations; broadcast standard documentaries and memorable promotional material to ensure your work makes an impact with your target market.



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