Our story continues as part of PA

Sparkler became part of the innovation and transformation firm PA in May 2018, and since then we have continued to shine a light on the human side of the digital world, understanding experiences to build world-class products, brands and services.

The reason that we joined PA in the first place was because we recognised the value to our clients and our own people of being able to combine advanced thinking and creativity, with the ability to build and implement on a global scale. By having this under one roof, we are able to help all our stakeholders move forward further and faster than ever before.

In that time, we have also been joined in PA by other world class teams including Astro Studios, Essential Design, Cooper Perkins and most recently Design Partners in Dublin, Ireland. Together we have built the most capable network of human insight experts, designers, engineers, scientists, and commercial strategists, in the world.

To recognise this and make it easier to help our clients become the organizations they aspire to be, we are all changing our names to just PA. So what you know now as Sparkler will from 1st March 2023 become PA’s Human Insight team. And although we very much hope that this means we can do new and more exciting things with you, in all other respects we are unchanged. The people you interface with, our location and our passion in helping you put people at the heart of your business, remain the same.


We have a range of tools and research methodologies that can bring to life fresh insights so that we, our clients and other key audiences, can empathise and better serve unmet needs.

Agile Iterative Testing

Validating category drivers, product/ service ideas, or concepts with a large quantitative base size, at pace.

Journey Mapping

Driving change across organisations by understanding, visualising, and communicating your customer’s needs and experiences.


Putting the customer at the heart of your business decisions by providing always-on access via qual or quant community platforms.

Brand strategy and positioning

Helping you create an ownable and unique identity and bringing it to life with a new brand architecture.

Research Operations

A specialist department who manage fieldwork recruitment ensuring we have representative voices for each project.

Creative Studio

Our creative team of graphic designers and videographers who are experts in insight activation, ethnography and story-telling.

Concept testing

Giving brands confidence in a product or service launch by grounding decision making in consumer needs.

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