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Lockdown Unlocked: Brand Comms and Information Needs

 This week we turned our attention to consumers' perspectives on how brands and organisations have been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. People have experienced no shortage of well-meaning messages from companies and CEOs, but what’s clear is that amidst this noise some commu...

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Lockdown Unlocked: Money and Finance

This week we’ve been focusing on how people are feeling about their personal financial situation, both now and in the future. While we’ve seen a broadly consistent picture from the topics of previous weeks (health, fitness, food, drink), it’s clear that finance pulls peop...

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Lockdown Unlocked: Health and Fitness

This week people continue to carry a duality of feelings towards the coronavirus situation. The big picture is worrying, bleak and scary. But positivity can be found in the everyday. By focussing on daily routines, by rationalising fears, and by putting things into perspective, people are finding ...

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Lockdown Unlocked: Shopping and Retail

This week, Lockdown Unlocked switched its attention to the world of shopping and retail. As many of the nations’ shops and stores shut their doors for the time being, we’ve been investigating how people’s shopping behaviours, attitudes and needs are changing during this extrao...

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Lockdown Unlocked: Food and Drink

This week we turned our attention to food and drink. As the nation continues to navigate their new realities in the COVID-19 lockdown, grocery shopping and eating & drinking represent some of things that people still feel they can take control of at the moment. As you might imagine, we’ve...

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Lockdown Unlocked: Winter Entertainment

This week, Lockdown Unlocked has been focusing on Entertainment. We first took a look at this back in late April / early May, a month or so after lockdown kicked-in (you can view our headline insights here!). So, how have people’s entertainment needs, attitudes and behaviours shi...

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Lockdown Unlocked

Over the past few weeks people’s lives have been changing.  Covid 19 has affected how people work, communicate, shop, exercise, spend their time and many other facets of everyday life. Consumers are forming new routines, new habits and new ways of doing things to adjust. In ...

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Lockdown Unlocked: Travel and Tourism

This week on Lockdown Unlocked we’ve been looking at travel and transport, two sectors that have seen enormous upheaval as travellers reassess their plans and priorities in light of government restrictions and infection risks. Using findings from our weekly quantitative tracker with 10...

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