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Over the past few weeks people’s lives have been changing. 

Covid 19 has affected how people work, communicate, shop, exercise, spend their time and many other facets of everyday life. 

Consumers are forming new routines, new habits and new ways of doing things to adjust. 

In the midst of all this change there’s a need for clarity - what are people thinking, feeling and doing during these times? And what do consumers want from organisations now and in the future? 

Introducing Lockdown Unlocked, our brand new insight community study that will bring you live insights from behind the lockdown. As we navigate through the changing consumer landscape, we’ll be unlocking and sharing new findings that can help organisations consider how best to respond.

What we’ve been up to so far…

Earlier this week we launched the Lockdown Unlocked Community. 

So far we have 20 participants from across the UK showing and telling us how they’ve been coping with their new reality through weekly video and diary tasks. Here’s some of the emerging insights that we’ve observed this week: 

The light at the end of the everyday

There’s no sugar-coating it, this is a tough time for people. People have moved into various modes of subtle survival as they seek to protect their health, income, wellbeing and freedom. And what unites people is an overwhelming uncertainty around when this will end or change. When will life return to normal? Where, when and what is the light at the end of the tunnel? As people continue to adjust to the new normal, they are looking away from the ‘end of the tunnel’ for light, hope and positivity, and instead are finding it within their own daily lives and rhythms.

“I have a lot of faith we will get through this and that there will be an end, it’s just that right now we can’t see the end. The prospect of this lasting months is very scary.


People are re-evaluating what’s important and what they really need

 People’s new normal is a super stripped back version of its former self, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

Life in lockdown has caused the pace of life to feel like it’s slowing. For the first time in a long time, people have been able to stop, take stock and reset. People now have more time to pick up abandoned projects, try new things, develop relationships, or just relax. People are now reassessing and re-evaluating what’s truly important to them, what they actually need and what they can live without.

The decisions consumers are making now could well shape attitudes and behaviours of the future. So we’ll be digging deep into precisely what this looks like in the coming weeks… 

“Having some quiet time is a bonus. Life is usually fast paced but now it feels like we can stop and take stock.”


During social distancing the role of social has never been stronger

As people reflect on what’s important, the role of social contact and relationships has come to the fore. People are missing each other, but people are finding new ways to get closer. Virtual chats, pub quizzes, parties, work-outs with friends, relatives, and work colleagues have become the new norm and a highlight of people’s routines.

Families under one roof have been granted uninterrupted time and space together and are appreciating the opportunity to strengthen family bonds. There’s a new, strong sense of community spirit as well, a sense that people are looking local to check in on neighbours and an emotional response to clapping for the NHS. 

“I love having my husband home and have been able to exercise every day which is something I don’t have the time/ energy / childcare for normally. The kids have loved having him home and are spending more quality time with him. It is also interesting for him to see what I do all day normally and experience being with the kids 24/7 and how hard it is.”

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What’s to come....

Below is the Wheel of Life - a framework we’ll be using to explore changes in attitude, behaviour, needs and expectations within different sectors over the coming weeks. 

Next week we’re going to be deep-diving into the first of these verticals - Health & Fitness - so look out for updates... 

Going forward we’ll be setting up webinar sessions to explore the insight in more detail and give you the opportunity to ask questions about the findings.

We will also be launching a weekly quantitative tracker that will measure wider changes in consumer sentiment and mood towards the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Watch this space every week for new updates and insights